Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Using SOAP_CLIENT to access Human Tasks services

The are a lot of issues related to access the human work flow tasks from java. Especially via SOAP. The Java API of Oracle SOA Suite provides a mechanism to use various access method:
It is hard to get the Java API working with the SOAP_CLIENT method. I'm using now SOA Suite And dit the following:
  • commons-logging-api.jar
  • commons-logging.jar
  • bpm-infra.jar
  • orabpel-common.jar
  • orabpel-thirdparty.jar
  • orabpel.jar
  • oc4jclient.jar
  • jazncore.jar
  • xml.jar
  • xmlparserv2.jar
  • orasaaj.jar
  • soap.jar
  • bpm-services.jar
  • wsclient_extended.jar
Note :wsclient_extended.jar can be download from OTN.

Create you Java project and use the following libraries, I copied the libraries from the application server.

The I changed the orabpel.jar file! It is a strange trick, but you must remove all the files from META-INF directory:
  1. Extract orabpel.jar
  2. Remove all files in META-INF
  3. Re-jar orabpel.jar
Make sure you have a correct version of the wf_client_config.xml file. This file must be located in your source directory. The file is copied from application server $ORACLE_HOME/bpel/system/services/config. Verify that the connection to your remote server is removed! Remove the ejb tags.
When you got this working, you will find that predicates, aka the where clause, are not working. This can be solved by setting the property:
Before you use any predicate. The SOAP call is based on HTTP and therefore the predicate must be serialized to send over to the server.

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