Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review: Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administration Handbook

While Packt Publishing is almost ready to publish their 1000th title. They will celebrate this with an  the event. As the mentioned on their site:

"Packt would like you to join them in celebrating this milestone with a surprise gift. Revisit Packt’s website between the 28th and 30th of September to redeem your gift, or sign up for an account with us now to receive a notification email.

Packt supports many of the Open Source projects covered by its books through a project royalty donation, which has contributed over $400,000 to Open Source projects. As part of the 1000th book celebration Packt is allocating $30,000 to share between projects and authors."

I had the opportunity to review the new administration handbook of the Oracle SOA Suite 11g.


Here are my comments on this book.

The book is filling a gap in the Oracle SOA world. This book is really focusing on administration and monitoring of the SOA11g environment. The book is not a summary of the Oracle Manuals with some screen shots based on an example application, but it gives you also different best practises, idea's, and good examples on maintaining your environment.

The chapter on tuning your SOA11g environment is very good! It covers O/S, application server, database and the various component within the SOA Suite.

I missing only a good script in the chapter on maintaining  your SOA instances. The examples are based on the de supplied scripts of Oracle, but those script do not purge all the data.