Thursday, December 13, 2007

[Error ORABPEL-10902]: compilation failed, XML parsing failed because "".

Almost every body working with BPEL will run in the error:

[Error ORABPEL-10902]: compilation failed
[Description]: in "C:\projects\\trunk\src\soa\bpel\HelloWorld\bpel\
XML parsing failed because "".
[Potential fix]: n/a.

The JDeveloper error message does not say more, especially the last one, "Potential fix: n/a". But it is possible to get some more in depth log info. This is done via build.xml file that JDeveloper creates for your bpel process.

Do the following steps:

Change the 'verbose' setting to true in the file.

# Set verbose to true if you want to
# see verbose output from deployment tasks

verbose = true

Right click on build.xml and then run ant task 'Compile'.
Detailed result is now shown in the log.