Saturday, March 01, 2008

Deploy AIA BPEL/ESB as non Oracle account

Some administrators of servers will not give the developer access to the application server as owner 'oracle'. They use this account for installation and configuration of the Oracle software. More often this account is shared along the servers, so the password is the same. In this case they will not 'give' the developer access.

If you have access to such a server with another account as 'oracle', you will notice that executing the build.xml for deployment will not work. The tasks in the build.xml is changing some files in the Oracle directory tree.

To deploy an AIA specific component, such ESB service or BPEL process, on the Linux machine, as a non oracle owner is possible. The ANT script along with the ESB service, does need specific read/write settings. Under the user you are logged on the application server, make that this non-oracle user has the right for read/write: $AIA_HOME/bin/bsracces.log

Now you are able to execute the 'build.xml' files supplied with the components of AIA.

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