Monday, July 26, 2010

SOA Suite 11g R1 Developers Guide Available

As in the northern hemisphere it is holiday period, Antony Reynolds and Matt Wright have finally finished their Oracle 11g SOA Suite Release 1 Developers Guide. I was one of the technical reviewers to keep Matt and Antony sharp. Here is some info on the book. OK you might think it is some publicity for them, but it took some time to write adn to review, :-), but who cares.

From Antony's blog:

More than 40% of the book is new content, including guidance on how to use the new rules editor and the Event Delivery Network.  When we started writing together our original target was the 11g product, but along came the BEA acquisition and 11g was delayed so we re-focused the book on 10g.  Of course a few months after the 10g book was published 11g came out and so we dusted off the earliest chapters, updated them and started again.  So in some ways this book was what we meant to write when we started.
While writing the last book Matt emigrated to Australia.  So to keep up with him while writing this book I moved to Colorado.  Matt, not to be outdone, responded by leaving Oracle and starting his own company.  Our families are now very worried what we might do if we start writing another book together.
The editorial team at Packt were very good at chasing us to finish the book, without them we would probably only be half-way through.  We had some great reviewers who provided very insightful comments and often pointed us in the right direction when we had lost our way.  You may well be familiar with some of the reviewers from their blogs or participation at industry events;
In addition to the reviewers we had a lot of support from product management at Oracle, I found Clemens Utschig particularly helpful.
I hope you enjoy the book, we have tried to make it into a guide for practitioners of SOA, and endeavored to explain how and why to use different parts of the SOA Suite.  Let us know what you think.