Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How to deploy Oracle AIA ESB service.

To deploy your ESB service to the Oracle SOA Suit with Application Integration Architecture, make sure you have a AIA enviroment avialable. This can be on your workstation or you use the server.

In my case I assume you have all your ESB services available on the server. For example a local copy of the source control system like SubVersion.

First make sure your have the environment settings correct.

Set the correct ORACLE_HOME and PATH settings of your middle tier installation. I assume you have set this in the /etc/oratab file.

. oraenv
[] ? assoa

Go to the 'bin' directory in which AIA is installed (the $AIA_HOME dir).


This will set various environment variables like AIA_HOME, ANT_HOME and the PATH.

Then go to the directory of your ESB service and type the following statements

ant ExtractESBDeploymentPlan

ant CustomiseAndDeployESB


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