Friday, February 01, 2008

Enable AIA functions in JDeveloper

Using Oracle Application Integration Architecture Framework, it assumes that you have a complete SOA Suite installed including JDeveloper. Now most of us will have only a workstation for developing and using a server to deploy and test your BPEL/ESB services.
When using Oracle AIA, it will install and configure your local SOA server AND JDeveloper to be ready for Oracle AIA.

This article describes how you could enable new AIA functions in JDeveloper.

To enable the new AIA functions in JDeveloper, you must copy the following files into your JDeveloper directory:



(This is a specific patched version, created during the AIA installation)

Note on Unix use ${AIA_HOME}
Restart JDeveloper to enable these extensions.

Open your expression builder and in your advanced function you will see the new AIA functions.

While I was writing this article, an old colleague Martien van den Akker, pointed me on an article on Metalink note " 550378.1". This note contains a complete zip file that creates to necessary files, it also supplies the aia.jar file.

Happy programming :-)


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