Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OSB: Deployment issues with DBAdapter

In normal circumstances changing the configuration of the DBAdapter should work. You create a JDBC datasource and create in the outbound connections of the DbAdpater a new JNDI entry. After saving your settings you should update the DBAdapter application and apply the changes. Normally you see:

Here is the issue I was struggeling with. I created a new JNDI entry in the DBAdapter, applied the changes, deployed the Plan.xml files, updated the DBAdapter. I saw that the managed servers did not picked up the new change or even the old entries.

After a while I fixed the issue. This was related due to the fact the DbAdapter was also targed to the AdminServer. So here are the steps to update or add new JNDI entries in the DbAdapter application or any other, AqAdapter or FileAdapter.
  1. Update/Add JNDI entry in your outbound connections of the Adapter.
  2. Save the changes.
  3. Bring down the Managed Servers.
  4. Update the Adapter application.
  5. Bring down the Admin Server.
  6. Copy the Plan.xml file of the Adapter to the managed servers.
  7. Start the AdminServer.
  8. Start the managed servers.
This solution is strange, because you expect that Weblogic should do this while the AdminServer and Managed Servers are running. But in my case this was a working solution.

To create and deploy your own Adapters can be found @Edwin Biemond's Blog.