Thursday, November 04, 2010

Change diagnostic logging

Apart of the default logging facilities in WebLogic, the Oracle products such as SOA Suite, WebCenter  are also using the custom diagnostics loggers. The normal logfiles are configured during the domain configuration by using WLST via edit/activate sessions.

The diagniostics log files that are shown Enterprise can be changed directly via EM or via WLST. By default these files are created in the log directory of the server. To change these values via WLST can be done as follows:
# Script to set ODL logging
# Start this script with the script from oracle_common
# $FMW_HOME/oracle_common/bin/ -i

import os
import sys

username = 'weblogic'
password = ''
adminurl = 't3://'

#Domain settings

domain_dir='/data/user_projects/domains/' + domain_name

# Connectionsettings
def connectToServer():
  connect(username, password, adminurl)

#Definition to disconnect from a server
def disconnectFromServer():

# change the odl-handler log path
def changeODLPath():

  res = ''
  for managedServer in managedServers:
    path = '/Servers/' + sname

    lh = listLogHandlers()
    for l in lh:
      lname = l.get('name')
      odlfile = '/data/logs/' + domain_name + '/' + sname + '-' + lname + '-diagnostic.log'
      configureLogHandler(target=sname,name=lname, path=odlfile)
      res = res + '\n' + odlfile

#Calling connectToServer definition with no arguments

# do the change om all servers ( Admin, managed)

#Calling disconnectFromServer definition with no arguments

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oracle Repository Creattion Utility (RCU) and product options

In case you want to script your installtion and configuration of your WLS environment, you need to select which of the components you need from the RCU. Here is a table that shows which options you need to install for a particular application.

if you have any comments please feel free to send me an email, and I will update the table.

Metadata Services (MDS)XXXXXX
Audit Services (IAU)XXX
Oracle Internet Directory(OID)OOOOX
Single Sign-On (SSO)OOOOX
SOA Infrastructure (SOAINFRA)XX
Business Activity Monitoring(BAM)XOX
User Messaging (ORASDPM)XX
Oracle WebCenter (WEBCENTER)X
WebCenter Portlets (PORTLETS)X
Oracle Content Server(OCSERVER)OX
Oracle Identity Federation(OIF)X
Discussions (DISCUSSIONS)O
Wiki and Blog (WIKI)O