Friday, August 22, 2008

Oracle SOA Suite and proxies settings

One of the biggest pitfall when executing projects based on SOA technology is the proxy settings in the environment.

Proxies are set on the workstation to guide the user to the Internet via this proxies. Companies uses this to monitor traffic and content but also for filtering the content.

When installing the SOA Suite or JDeveloper on your workstation, you mostly forget this. After installing JDeveloper and/or SOA Suite check that the proxies are disabled.

  • In JDeveloper check the preferences
  • In Oracle SOA Suite server, check the 'opmn.xml' config file.
This pitfall is also valid on the server. After installing check that the proxies are note set.

  • In Oracle SOA Suite server, check the 'opmn.xml' config file.
  • In the enviroment variables, should be unset.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oracle SOA Build System: The docs

I have updated my documents related to my Oracle SOA Build System. The build tool to compile, deploy any SOA component (BPEL, ESB, Human Tasks, AIA, Java) for any environment to your Oracle Application Server, independed of an existing software installations .

I have created two new documents: