Saturday, March 01, 2008

Manual redeploy AIA environment.

Here are the steps to redeploy the various AIA components. Normally this is done via the runInstaller with a nice GUI. But sometimes you need to do this manually.

This can be done as follows. I assume that the Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle AIA were already deployed and configured, in $ORACLE_HOME and in $AIA_HOME

The steps to be takes is as follows:
  cd $AIA_HOME/bin

cd $AIA_HOME/install/scripts

# If you need new common objects (database)
export DEPLOY_COMP=oracle.aia.common
ant -buildfile Deploy.xml

# Reinstall CAVS
cd $AIA_HOMEinstall/conf/cavs

cd $AIA_HOME/install/scripts
# If you use billingcare
export DEPLOY_COMP=oracle.aia.billingcare
ant -buildfile Deploy.xml

# If you use revenue
export DEPLOY_COMP=oracle.aia.revenue
ant -buildfile Deploy.xml

# If you use order to billing
export DEPLOY_COMP=oracle.aia.order2bill
ant -buildfile Deploy.xml

Note 1: For Microsoft Windows replace the '/' by '\', the '$' with '%' and the '.sh' files with '.bat' extension

Note 2: The task 'oracle.aia.common' will recreate all the common objects including the database object. Verify if you need to execute this task.

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