Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Oracle SOA Build Server (OSBS)

An updated version of the Oracle SOA Build server has been released. Based on comments from the field I have made the following changes:
  • Upgraded to Oracle SOA Suite
  • Upgraded to OracleAIA 2.3
  • Added Download particular build nr, instead of only 'Latest' or a tag.
  • Added deployXSD task
  • Restructured properties directory
  • Loading Domain Value Maps (DVM)
  • Added a demo application (HelloWorldPIP)
  • Removed unneeded files
  • Demo application
  • AIA HelloWorld PIP
  • BPEL / ESB HelloWorld samples
The documentation can be found here.

Other features of the tool:
  • Compile BPEL processes
  • Deploy BPEL processes
  • Deploy AIA BPEL processes
  • Deploy ESB Services
  • Deploy ESB Services
  • Undeployment BPEL processes
  • Undeployment ESB services
  • Compile Java projects
  • Deploy Java projects
  • Download code from source control
  • Promote objects to different environments
  • Ignore 'local' ant scripts of ESB and BPEL processes.

The complete download can be found here (130MB).

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