Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Exporting the SOA MDS

A cool feature from SOA 11g Enterprise Manager is manageing the MDS. You can export and import the MDS to the file system.

SOA-Infra -> Administration -> MDS Configuration

Select Export and point to a directory, on the server, in which EM is able to write.

After you press OK, it will take a while, depending on the size of your MDS, when it is finished/
When you have export the data into a location on the server you can view it off course. It will contain the shared objects of the SOA 11g; Fault Policies, XML Schemas etc. But it also contains the complete SOA 11g configuration of all the settings; 
  • Composite properties
  • BPEL  properties
  • Mediator properties
  • Workflow  properties
  • Rule  properties
This is a nice to have when you want to discover your environment settings quickly.

$ tree -d -L 2
|-- apps
|   `-- faultPolicies
|-- deployed-composites
|   `-- default
`-- soa
    |-- b2b
    |-- configuration
    `-- shared

It also contains all the composites with their artifacts; WSDL, BPEL, XSL, XLST, etc. You are able to view whate the result is from your deployment. How are the files manipulated from the SAR file to MDS.

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