Monday, December 13, 2010

SOA 11g: Automatic Recovery

A cool feature in SOA 11g, is the functionality to recover faulted instances on a particular time. This feature is introduced in PS2. Instances that are faulted and marked to be recovered, can be retried on a particular time.

It is some times a disadvantage, while you do not want this feature. By default it is recovering faulted instance form 00:00 hours. If your instances are still failing, that soa-infra tablespaces grows.

The feature can be disables or changed on an other time, via Enterprise Manager by setting the BPEL property under soa-infra -> SOA Administartion -> BPEL Properties -> More Advanced BPEL Properties -> recoveryConfig.

Put the value maxMessageRaiseSize to 0, to disable auto recovery. I even set the begin and end time the same.

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