Friday, October 08, 2010

SOA 11g PS install behaviour

If you install from the Oracle SOA Suite PS2 only the SOA components, with the graphical installer or via silent install and you did the domain confguration, you will see that the 'soainfra' application has warnings. It is running, but in the log file of the managed server(s), you will see that is can not find some JNDI stuff.

  • jms/bpm/PeopleQueryConnectionFactory
  • jms/bpm/CubeCommandXAConnectionFactory
  • jms/bpm/PeopleQueryConnectionFactory
  • jms/bpm/MeasurementTopic
  • jms/bpm/PeopleQueryTopic
You can ignore these errors in your log file, unless you think I need them, then you should created the JMS Connection factories and topics.

If you select the BAM option as well, you will not have these errors :-).

Let's hope they will fix it in PS3.

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