Thursday, April 01, 2010

SOA 11g: Timeout settings

After configuration of your SOA 11g environment, the  (non-)clustered domain must be changed to increase the default time-out settings.

We do this directly in the config files; make sure your admin server and managed servers are down.

At Weblogic level:

Set the global transaction JTA to 3600 seconds, be default it is 40 sec:
At SOA 11g - BPEL level: Set the sync wait time of synchrounouse processed to 120 seconds (45 by default). In the first 11g release this can be done via the file, since patch set #1 this can be done via EM going to the BPEL Manager properties.
The following EJB needs to be extended on their time out. This can be done in via Enterprise Manager.

Note, that the first time it will ask you to create a Plan.xml file.
Make sure that this Plan.xml is stored in his own directory, for example: $WLS_DOMAIN/soa_domain/plan/ejb

  • Log into Oracle WebLogic Administration Console.
  • Click Deployments.
  • Expand soa-infra -> EJBs.
  • You can check in the config tab for the timeout setting in the BPEL* EJBs:
  • Click Save.
  • Update the soa-infra application
  • Restart Oracle WebLogic Server.

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