Friday, October 23, 2009

Learing Oracle SOA 11g

As I execute SOA 11g training for customers and colleagues in SOA 11g. There is always need to learn Oracle SOA 11g on your own. There are people who just do it, download, install en run. People who read the Oracle documentation and people who are reading external books. On these books is:

Due to my blog, the publisher send me a copy to review this book to find my opinion.

I am always sceptic about books. Apart of the content the book must be handsome, having a good index and printed on nice paper.

I have read the book, I a must say the book is good when you want to start with Oracle SOA 11g and you have experience with SOA, but also when you just want to start with SOA 11g technology.

The book gives you a breadth overview on the SOA 11g components;
  • Service Component Architecture
  • Installation
  • Mediator
  • BPEL
  • Event Driven Network
  • Human Tasks
  • Service Bus
  • Security
  • Adapters
  • Business Activity Monitor
  • Service Data Objects
  • Business-2-Business
Experienced people will read this book very quickly and learn it efficiently. Less experienced people use this book as a guide through the new Oracle SOA 11g technology.

The book contains a lot screen-shots and clear examples. These examples can be download from here. Another nice SOA 11g example application and docs, click here.

One disadvantage... I miss the upgrade chapter. How to migrate from SOA 10g to SOA 11g, but that is described here.

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