Monday, March 09, 2009

SOA Readiness Assement

Are you ready for SOA? Is your organisation prepared to embrace SOA? How are your customers looking to SOA technology? Will SOA reduce my costs?

Many questions I get on Oracle SOA projects. It depends on the level in the organization; the boardroom; operations; but the questions are in general the same. Is the organisation ready to use Service Oriented Architecture.

Oracle have created a test to find out how SOA fits in the current organisatition. Here is the link to do your test:

The test is based on questions you have to answer in the following categories:
  • Business & Strategy
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • Information
  • Projects, Portfolios & Services
  • Operations, Administration & Management
  • Organization
  • Governance
The result will show a report, including a spider diagram, based on the categories. It describes how far your organisation is ready to use SOA. It means that on some categories you can use it without having much impact, while on other categories you have to do some more work.

The result is send via email, containing a PDF with the results.

The spier diagram of the SOA assesment.

Note that this test will give different results when you do this test with operations department only or with financial department. If you want to execute this for the whole organization; get all the stakeholders together and answer the questions together.

As result of this test, you are able to find quick-win projects, that can be implemented into a SOA architecture. You will know on which categories you have to spend more time to put them at a higher SOA level.

Execute this test periodically to find out if there are any improvements.

There is also a Oracle Business Process Managment Life cycle assement.

The diagram of a BPM assesment.

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