Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oracle AIA 2.3

Now Oracle AIA is availble for a 'long' period. I see more and more working coming from customers. It looks like that Oracle AIA is on the right time on the right place. Recession is on, and customers are look to reduce their cost, but do want to innovate their buiness withour losing revenue.

Customers are seeking to solutions to use their existing (legacy) system for a lnger period, without investing huge amount of money to build new systems.

A good choice is to use Oracle AIA Foundation with or without a Process Integration Pack (PIP). It is relative a small investment to get an out-of-the-box business integration flow with two or more systems (Siebel, PeopleSoft, EBS, BRM/Protal, JD Edwards).

Last month Oracle AIA 2.3 was introduced, so what brings this. If I compare it with the versions I have worked with (2.0), it is a huge difference; complete setup/installation of AIA Foundation or select a PIP. While in previous releases the PIP's were available in a specific version.

The major difference is that the Enterprise Business Objects (EBO) have been extened or added.

The current verions of Oracle AIA is version 2.3. Oracle AIA Foundation 2.3 is certified on SOA Suite On WLS the certification is in progress, while Oracle AIA Foundation 2.2.1 is certified on SOA Suite and WLS 9.2.

A major improvements the Business Service Registry; build with ADF; but a complete different; improved layout; comparing to the previous versions.

Documentation of the business flows are written in the business process modeler (BPM) of the Oracle BPA Suite.

More features;

You are able to upgrade from previous version.

Generate ABCS BPEL processes.

Improved Error handling framework, with resubmission after errors.

General availble on major plaforms; Linux ; (soon on Window; Solaris; AIX; HP-UX.)

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