Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Applying Oracle Patches on WLS

While I'm now working on Oracle Web Logic server; WLS 9.2, Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus. I run into a common issue when applying patches on your Operating system.

I love to play with Linux, my version is Suse 11.1. I known it is running on the edge, but thats live.

When applying patches you some times get errors like:

OPatch detects your platform as 46 while this patch 7337034 supports platforms:
0 (Generic Platform)

IMHO the patch should just install, while the patch is generic.

A simple solution is available.

Open the file etc/config/inventory from your install directory.

Add your platform into this file and apply the patch again.

<platform name="Generic Platform" id="0">
Add your platform:
<platform name="Generic Platform" id="46">
<platform name="Generic Platform" id="0">

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