Friday, November 23, 2007

Dejavu: Concurrent Programming

Now I am doing SOA projects for a few years, I can still can rely on knowledge that I did on school. In the eighties I did some practices with concurrent programming. Building low-level applications what acts as processes and were handling information to each other.

When we were clearing the study room, I went trough a lot of books to look which can be thrown away. Then I saw the boook that I used during my study:
Looking into the book, it was a deja-vu. I saw that Business processing and the implementation in SOA/ESB/BPEL had much similarities with this book. While this book is rather technical, it also describes the principles about concurrent processing. The information in this book is very useful for implementing SOA application. It helps you to bridge from functional business processing to the technical implementation.

The difficult thing in business processing, is that all processes are running individual and in parallel. Furthermore, the processes are not in sync with each other, most of them are running at different points in time. Then there are processes that a waiting for other process for requesting or receiving information, all of these issue should be taken into account while designing SOA processes.

More info on the book can be found here.

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