Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Patches, Patching how to get the SOA Suite Working

A new patchset is out on top of,! You can obtain it from as patch numer 6492514.

Note: At last it is there the patch! You can obtain it from as patch numer 6148874.

The current version of the Oracle SOA Suite, release does install very easy. Alsmost out of the box and you ar eup and running. But, as you start working you will found out that not everything is working as expected. Therefore you must install some patches.
The patches can be obtained from Oracle Metalink, login and click on the tab patches and do an advanced search. Select the product BPEL.

You will found that more that patches are available. So which patch must I install? This is a difficult question. Some patches can not be installed while they are in conflict with others. While other patches contains a set of other patches. So how do you known which patches you need. This is hard to tell. Depeding on your requirement some patches are easy found, some not :-)

Here is a list of patches I use to install at customer projects. It is based on my own expierence, and are related to projects that are based on Advannced Queueing (AQ), Database access (tables, PL/SQL) and files.

Before you install the BPEL patches. You must install patch number "2617419". This patch is a patch for the tool "opatch", that you are using to install the patches. This patch must be unzipped under the $ORACLE_HOME directory.

The list of patches I use:
  • 5566761
  • 5659094
  • 5724766
  • 5729652
  • 5742242
  • 5747361
  • 5851215
  • 5855005
  • 5915792
  • 6082941
  • 6082193
  • 6053708
I hope it will help to run the SOA Suite successfully.

There is an patchset out for the application server to upgrade to This patch is named "Oracle Application Server Release 3 (10.1.3) Patch Set 2 (" and can be downloaded from Oracle Metalink. The number of this patchset is 5906151. I applied it on my SOA installation, and everything looks working as expected.

The Oracle ESB product has now it's on product in the patches list of Metalink:

Search for "Product or Product Family" = "Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (oesb)"

Note: At last it is there the patch! You can obtain it from as patch numer 6148874.


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