Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Install Oracle WebLogic Server / Oracle Application Server on linux 64 bit

Not all Oracle products are directly available on Linux 64 bit. This results, that you can not use the product or trust the 32 bit version.

To use the 32 bit products on a 64 bits operating system, you must have installed the 32 bit packages. With tools such as YAST or another package managers, you can easily add these packages:
  • linux32
  • compat-32bit
  • gcc-32bit
  • glib-32bit
  • glibc-32bit
  • and other dependencies
To install the 32 bits code on the 64bits O/S you first start the 32 bits shell.

$ linux32 bash

Then start your scripts, for example:





jose said...

hello amigo:

sorry, Iam in trouble installing OAS 10g on Linux 64bit, I cannot run .runInstall cause shows me a message "Input outtput error" as u said, I need to install packages line linux 32 compat-32lib, quest: how do install that?


Marc Kelderman SOA Blog said...

Install the required packages via the package tool of your linux distribution; yum, rpm, apt-get, yast.

jose said...


I am in trouble, I have Fedora, the freeware of Red Hat, so, I have no libraries, do u know where I can download that?

regards from mexico.

Marc Kelderman SOA Blog said...

I am not a red-hat/fedora guru. But try:



Or try Ubuntu (I am using)

jose said...


U have Ubuntu, do u know if Ubuntu works fine with Oracle 11g + OAS 10g?

does Ubuntu has all those libraries that I need to run OAS?

thanks amigo.

Marc Kelderman SOA Blog said...

For Oracle Weblogic and OSB and Oracle 11g DB I have no issues. There is a library issue with SOA Suite.

I was also using Open Suse for years, without issues

jose said...

Marc, friend of mine:

could u run Oracle Forms on Oracle WebLogic?

this is key for me.

regards from America.

jose said...


One more quest: do u know if there is a log about installing OAS on Linux Fedora?

so, if there is, where can I open it?

Marc Kelderman SOA Blog said...

The current version of Oracle WLS (10.3) can not run forms. You should use Oracle AS.
BTW: You could also use Oracle Unbreakable Linux :-)


milf said...
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Anonymous said...


sure you cannot support everything, but may I ask if you ever tried to install WLS11g on 64bit Ubuntu 9.04?

For me installation works fine, but when starting the domain I run into:

BEA-000386 Server subsystem failed. Reason: java.lang.AssertionError: Could not obtain the localhost address. The most likely cause is an error in the network configuration of this machine.

then the IP is mentioned, however for everthing I checked the IP and the name resolution is fine.

- I tried your linux32 trick, did not help, same result.
- I tried it with an 32 Ubuntu and it immediately works like some 100 WLS installations I have done before.

Ok, I am just asking, if you are curious about more details:



ARawat said...

Hi Marc,
I also want to install SOA-Suite 10g on ubuntu.
could you please tell me which version of ubuntu you are using ?
does this version supports SOA-Suite 11g, Jdev 11g and oracle-XE ?


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