Friday, April 05, 2013

Oracle Fusion Middleware patchset 7, the release notes

As of April 2013, patchset 6 is out for the whole Oracle Fusion Middleware stack. It is always hard to find the release notes on the Oracle Website. To many clicks. Here are the releae notes of Weblogic, SOA Suite, Service Bus, AIA and JDeveloper. Note thate PS6 refers to version

Release Notes:
Here is an overview on the new features:


Deep's said...

thank you for the quick links. Its true that finding the release notes in very difficult. You made the job easier.

cheennzzzz said...

There was no way to contact you so here I am posting - i need help.


I have to create a DB Adapter in BPEL on Reporting Database of OSB.
I have a requirement to extract DATA_VALUE from *WLI_QS_REPORT_DATA* Table stored in BLOB datatype by passing parameters in *WLI_QS_REPORT_ATTRIBUTE* with a join condition of a common unique ID (MSG_GUID) in both tables.

This DB Adapter files will be imported in OSB to generate Biz Service, which will perform this function.
I have followed all steps as mentioned in this blog :

My query looks like this :

SELECT t0.MSG_GUID, XMLTYPE(t0.DATA_VALUE,nls_charset_id('AL32UTF8')) FROM osb_infra.WLI_QS_REPORT_DATA t0
AND (SUBSTR(t1.MSG_LABELS,22,10) =#keyValue OR SUBSTR(t1.MSG_LABELS,18,10)=#keyValue)

This query runs fine when run independently on DB. but gives no response when used in DB adapter generated Biz Service, while testing in OSB Test Console.
I have done trials for this tool by modifying query as following.

1. Query on 1 table : Report Attribute – Success
2. Query on 1 table : Report data – Success but no XML data
3. Query on both tables with ServiceName Hardcoded – Failure
4. Query on both tables with keyValue hardcoded – Failure
5. Query on both tables with both params hardcoded – Failure
6. Query on both tables without XML data, selecting MSG_GUID only - Failure

All the above queries give desired outputs with XML message converted as well when run independently on SQL woksheet.

1. Query on multiple tables
2. Fetching of data in XML format as response into OSB pipeline.

I am still trying hard to somehow get data from DATA Table with providing MSG_GUID as parameter, but no progress.
The query I used here is :

SELECT XMLTYPE(DATA_VALUE,nls_charset_id('AL32UTF8')).getClobVal FROM osb_infra.WLI_QS_REPORT_DATA
WHERE MSG_GUID = 'uuid:b2bf9a6e66ba73f5:-7d5e4cfc:13deecde95d:5434'

This query runs fine in SQL Worksheet of JDeveloper with no issue and also extracts XML out of BLOB data.
But no success in getting it inside OSB pipelines.
Output in OSB for dataValue is :

Please guide on this.

Cheena Malhotra

tusjain said...

I have compiled an eBook on Oracle fusion middleware 11g - BPEL PM. I appreciate, if you may give your comments.
1. Load & Performance Testing –
2. BPEL PM Introduction -
3. JVM Tuning -
4. Web Logic Server Tuning –
5. BPEL Engine Tuning -
6. EM Fusion Middleware Control and WLS Admin Console –

KUMARA GURUPARAN Rajasekaran said...

Hello Marc, How are you?, This is Guru from India
I'm a newbie to SOA, Could you kindly clear my below doubt,

I have installed the SOA suite 11g over the weblogic software,
To build a complete soa environment, I'm sure that I will have to install OSB.
yet , for bpel operations, do I need to separately install the bpel software over the soa suite, Or is the bpel has been packed up with the SOA suite.?

With Kind Regards,

nithini perera said...

For the developers who are interested on middleware I found a free and open source middleware stack from WSO2 which has bunch of products including Enterprise Service Bus, Message Broker, Application Server, etc.
All products are listed in under Products > Middleware platform

Path Infotech said...
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Higher said...

What are your thoughts about Oracle SOA 12c 12.1.3 ?

Stella Nadel said...
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