Monday, October 01, 2007

Reinstall TaskManager / TaskActionHandler processes

Working with the BPEL process manager you deploy and undeploy processes from JDeveloper or via your own build system. Undeployment is mostly done via BPEL console, by selecting each process after each other, or select multiple processes at once.

But a mistake could be made, that you undeploy one of the two process that are supplied by default.
  • TaskActionHandler
  • TaskManager
After you undeploy these processes they can not be restored via the BPEL console. To restore these processes you do the following steps.

copy the two files from directory $ORACLE_HOME/bpel/install/extensions/ to the deployment directory of your domain.

cd $ORACLE_HOME/bpel/install/extensions
cp bpel_TaskActionHandler_1.0.jar
cp bpel_TaskManager_1.0.jar


Mishit said...

Awesome ! Never knew this sceret. :)

Diego Pires Plentz said...

It would be cool if this option could be added to the BPELConsole interface :)

Diego Pires Plentz said...

By the way, it doesn't work here. We have updated from to When the patch install completes all process have been undeployed. Then I tried to deploy though this process and it won't work.

I get this files from server and deployed though the interface, then it works.

bjoern said...

prevented me from reinstalling big thanks from germany

workwest said...

I have a problem around the messagetype and "part".

The namespace of the messagetype stay empty regardless what I do.

|message name="akt_per"|
|part name="wscontentlist2" element="ns1:WsContentListResult" |
|part name="wscontentlist1" element="ns1:WsContentListResult" |

In the result tree the part has no namespace.
Is anybody know how can I set the namespace for the “part”

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