Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oracle SOA Suite: Reinstall repository (dehydration store)

During the installation of the SOA Suite, it depends on the installation, if it creates automatically the repository. The following schemas are created, by a default install.
  • orabpel
  • oraesb
  • orawsm
With the advanced install it expects that these three schemas are already there. But it can also be that for some reason you want to re-install the schemas. To (re)install the schemas or just one of these schemas, Oracle provides a script on the installation disk to peform this. This can be found at:


The following files can be used; there is a Windows and Unix flavour:
  • irca.bat
  • irca.sh
Make sure the database en the listener is started. Stop SOA components on the Oracle Application Server, if they are still running.

Start the script, in the example I assume you are running on Linux (as I do :-) ). First the script will ask the location of the database, then it will ask if you want to overwrite the schema.

sh irca.sh

Integration Repository Creation Assistant (IRCA)
(c) Copyright 2006 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

Enter database "host port serviceName" [localhost 1521 orcl]:
Enter sys password:
Running IRCA for all product(s):
connection="localhost 1521 orcl", , orabpelUser=ORABPEL, esbUser=ORAESB, orawsmUser=ORAWSM

Validating database ...
Validating database character set ...

Running prerequisite checks for ORABPEL ...
WARNING: This script will overwrite the existing ORABPEL schema.
Do you wish to continue? (y/n) y
Enter password for ORABPEL:
Loading ORABPEL schema (this may take a few minutes) ...

Running prerequisite checks for ORAESB ...
WARNING: This script will overwrite the existing ORAESB schema.
Do you wish to continue? (y/n) y
Enter password for ORAESB:
Loading ORAESB schema (this may take a few minutes) ...

Running prerequisite checks for ORAWSM ...
WARNING: This script will overwrite the existing ORAWSM schema.
Do you wish to continue? (y/n) y
Enter password for ORAWSM:
Enter password for ORAWSM: Loading ORAWSM schema (this may take a few minutes) ...

INFO: ORABPEL schema contains 225 valid objects.
INFO: ORAESB schema contains 180 valid objects.
INFO: ORAWSM schema contains 90 valid objects.

IRCA completed.
Please check for any ERROR message above and also check the log file
/tmp/irca2007-05-15_12-22-05PM.log for any error or other information.

If you are using Oracle Managed Files, you must make some changes in the files. This is written in the following article.

Sometimes you ESB repository does not behaves as expected. In the $ORACLE_HOME/integration/esb/bin directory a script called 'reset.bat|sh' is available. This script will cleanup the ESB repository. Look in the config file, esbsetenv.bat|sh for the connection to the database.


Johan Rydström said...

And for those of you who didn't find this out by themselves, there is a bug in the build.xml file that reset.bat|sh depends on.

The property definition in the beginning of the file must be changed to:
property name="dt.oc4j.http.port" value="${env.DT_OC4J_HTTP_PORT}" (was missing an _ between HTTP and PORT incorrectly.

This is also interesting to fix if you want to change http port of your SOA suite installation.

prem said...


Is there any way i can change the dehydration store after the installation?

For example , i did advanced installation of SOA suite and later on i had to move my database instance to some other machine. Now i want to point my dehydration store to the new database (i have already loaded the 3 required SOA suite schemas to the new database).


Marc Kelderman SOA Blog said...

Yes, you can change your data source definitions. Thos are located in $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/oc4j_soa/config/data-source.xml
or via Enterprise Manager (logon -> select oc4j_soa -> administration -> JNDI/JDBC connections.


Shiv8 said...

Hi Did anyone clustered two Oracle Application Server (SOA) successfully. We are having problems clustering ESB and BPEL engines of Oracle SOA on these two machines.
Could someone who had done this can help.

David Webster said...

I would like to create more than one dehydration store in the same Oracle RAC instance so that multiple BPEL Process Managers can use the same db instance. I think I can do this manually by altering the irca scripts to use alternate schema user names, but the advanced installer method will probably fail on those when creating the datasources in the container??

Vijay.B said...


I have installed weblogic with oraclebpel pm and dehydration store as oracle, now i want to change the dehydration point to oracle to mssqlserver 2005.
How should i do that, i had run the irca.bat file in mssqlserver 2005, which has created all the 3 required schema for dehydration.

What are the steps to point to the mssqlserver 2005 database.

please let me know.


Anonymous said...

I tried to run irca.sh in linux and it fails with

ERROR: Failed to establish database connection due to the following error. ORA-01017: invalid username/password: logon denied.
Please check your connection parameters and try again.

sqlplus / as sysdba works fine.

is there a way to manaully run the commands that irca.sh script does.

Anonymous said...

in reply to the last post you need to create a password file (or recreate)and specify the sys password

Anonymous said...

I have a requirement of enabling/disabling the esb services/systems from a sql script. Which tables i have to use so that i can modify the status of the services/systems in ESB console from an sql script

Paulinus said...

I am trying to run the irca.bat on windows and it keeps giving the error "2 cannot find library -jdbc\lib\ojdbc14.jar Please verify that Oracle_Home is set correctly " even after i have set the oracle_home and java_home. any advice?

Marc Kelderman SOA Blog said...

The ORACLE_HOME should point to the directory where 'jdbc' is located; for example d:\oracle\Middleware.

Otherwsie, install the Oracle Client software and point the ORACLE_HOME to this directory.

Paulinus said...

Thanks Marc. I was able to run the IRCA.BAT after all but it appears not to have solve my problem which is " error code: 1000 : 5
summary: oracle.tip.esb.infra.exception.ESBRuntimeException
Fix: Contact Oracle Support
". Am trying to register and EBB project. I have done it on XP but am not sure why the case should be different on vista. Any ideas please?

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